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We Turn Your Home Into One of the Area's BEST Restaurants

Our talented team of professionals will work with you to tailor your menu based on

your occasion & dietary needs.

  We are here to create a memorable dining experience.

Prices are based on the final menu choice.


Family & Buffet Style

Dishes are served in platters at the table to share with your guests or at a station set up for your

guest to serve themselves. 

Table Service

We bring the fine dining experience to your home. It's about being pampered & eating amazing food!

Enjoy an elegant multicourse dinner, plated with creativity, artful presentation, and served with love.

Table for two 

Why go out when you can have an elegant multi-course menu in the comfort of your own home,

You will have the opportunity to experience a unique menu and an unforgettable dining experience.

Private Parties

We can help you host your next special occasion (up to 20 guests,)

World of Meze

 Meze is a dining experience very unique to parts of the world such as the Middle East,

the Balkans and the Mediterranean.

 Guest enjoy a selection of small dishes served in courses family style.

Dishes are selected a la carte to build your meze. Such a fun dining experience perfect for sharing with friends and family,

Bring your appetite!

All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your guests.

beautiful menus - fresh ingredients - skilled chefs - elegant service

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